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Setting Up Classes in Studio Manager

From the Classes screen you can manage the schedule and configuration of the classes you offer. Whether you bill by the hour, number of classes, passbooks, walk-in-rates or fixed charges you also have the option of tailoring the billing for each class based on other classes taken, gender and a host of other user-configurable options. Each class may have costumes or accessories assigned to it, this greatly simplifies assigning costumes to students and shows you exactly what is required for each class. Attendance can be taken at the class level from this screen, and recurring fees associated with each class can be configured here. Classes can be configured to only accept certain kinds of students, to simplify enrollment, by looking at the experience level of each student. From here you can:

  • Print class rosters
  • Print measurements for students in the class
  • Print a phone list for students in the class
  • Print custom web-based student roster
  • Print a class sign-in sheet
  • Print class attendance history
Class Information

The Class Info tab is where you set up the details of each of your classes. From here you can:

  • Assign a Studio, Teacher and Time to each of your classes
  • Specify which Group this class belongs to. These are user-defined, and become useful in reporting
  • Specify which ages of students are accepted for this class
  • For Recital planning, specify the order this class performs in the overall sequence
  • Specify which categories of students are allowed to register for this class
  • Assign charges to this class that will be billed upon registration or at every billing cycle
  • Outline what experience level is expected of students registering for this class
Class Billing Details

The Class Billing tab is where you set up the billing details for your classes. From here you can:

  • Specify a fixed amount to bill for this class if it is the only class taken
  • Specify amounts to charge for this class when it is taken in combination with specific other classes
  • Specify a fixed amount to bill for this class, no matter what other billing options are set
Class Costumes and Accessories

In Studio Manager, costumes and accessories are associated with classes. Each class will have a list of costumes and accessories that Students taking that class might need for their performance. Students don't need to purchase each and every one of these, but it helps narrow down the list of costumes and accessories (shown on the Home Screen) each Student has to pick from. From here you can:

  • Assign costumes to this class
  • Accessories associated with each assigned costume will automatically be added as well
  • Assign accessories to this class
Class Attendance

The Students and Attendance tab allows you to manage which students are assigned to this class, and to take attendance for this class.

As of February 28th, 2017, we will no longer offer unlimited 24/7 support.

The copy of Studio Manager you purchased will still belong to you and will continue to operate as it does now, indefinitely. You will also be able to download manuals and access user forums here to answer any questions that might come up.

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