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Students, Families and Staying in Touch by Email with Studio Manager

Studio Manager's home screen lets you focus on the student and family. This tab-based main screen allows you to manage family balances, view family details, assign students to classes, view attendance by student and manage student costumes and sizes. From the home screen you can:

  • Set and Display student photos
  • Review Studio summary data
  • Easily Search for students
  • Add and Remove students
  • Email students and families
Family Account Ledger

The first tab, the Account Ledger, shows the family's account history. From here you can:

  • Enter charges for items in inventory and classes
  • Enter manual charges for anything you'd like
  • Receive payments
  • Review payments made online by the student
  • Print receipts
Student's Details

The second tab, Student Detail, gives you access to information about the Student. From here you can:

  • Specify which categories each student is in. This controls which classes students can register for and becomes an option for reporting.
  • Specify student measurements
  • Assign and change the Username and Password for the student's portal website access
  • Take notes on this student
  • Specify an email address for the student, different from the family email
Family's Details

The third tab, Family Detail, gives you access to information about the Family. This information is shared by all students of this family. From here you can:

  • Specify a First and Last name for two separate parents
  • Specify the family's email address, to which Emails and Online Invoices will be sent
  • Enter comments and notes on this family
  • Assign and change the Username and Password for the family's portal website access
  • Specify that an alternate person, perhaps a Grandparent, should receive the bills
  • Specify an amount to bill this family each period, to override any automatically calculated amount
  • Specify an unlimited amount of phone numbers
Student Class Details

The fourth tab, Student Class Detail, gives you access to the roster of classes for this student. From here you can:

  • Assign this student to classes
  • Remove this student from classes
  • Print a class list for this student
  • View student class attendance percentage
Student Costumes

The fifth tab, Student Costume Detail, lets you easily manage the costumes required for this student's class-based performances. From here you can:

  • Build a list of costumes this student will need based on class assignments
  • Add to that list any costume you'd like
  • Specify size and color for each costume, using Studio Manager's automated sizing
  • Add accessories for each costume to the student's list
  • Specify color for each accessory
  • Provide an overriding Cost for this student, if desired
  • Invoice the student for one or all of the items on their list
  • Print student order details
Student Class Attendance

The sixth tab, Student Class Attendance, allows you to review and change this student's attendance history. From here you can:

  • Specify whether the student was present or absent on a given day, for each class
  • Create notes for each day
Student Passbooks

If you bill by class visit and sell visits individually or in blocks, the Student Passbooks tab allows you to review and manage the passbooks (blocks of classes a student has purchased) that apply to this student.

Emailing Students and Families

Use the Email Student button to send emails directly from Studio Manager to your Students and Families. Further, using the Online -> Mass Email screen will allow you to send out emails to every Student and Family in your Studio.

As of February 28th, 2017, we will no longer offer unlimited 24/7 support.

The copy of Studio Manager you purchased will still belong to you and will continue to operate as it does now, indefinitely. You will also be able to download manuals and access user forums here to answer any questions that might come up.

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